Friday, August 10, 2007

happy birthday, SINGAPORE!

We celebrated the nation's 42nd birthday with a bbq, which lasted from lunch till dinner.... got ourselves a spanking new bbq, a belgian national made by Barbecook, and in daddyji's own words, " I love our new barbeque!".
Mummyji baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and frosted them with whipped cream sweetened with a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar, and dolled them up with strawberry slices... loved the white and red combi, which was intentional, as that was the theme of the day.
The kids blew up some red and white balloons, almost everybody was garbed in red or white, or shades in between. The kids were given tattoos of the national flags, which Mummyji wore too, on the arm.

Even the tablecloth's red & white checks!
We saw the flypast in the distance, from the airbase nearby.... we heard the loud bangs, but unfortunately, couldn't get any view of the fireworks from our roof...
anyhoos, we had a lovely bbq, great food, great day, and all were happy and well-fed.
Daddyji's nephew was made to recite the national pledge before he could have a cupcake... we had a good giggle over his poorly-delivered mean! hahaha
Mummyji wants to wish Singapore Peace, Harmony and prosperity forever... and Mummyji's proud to be Singaporean!