Monday, February 25, 2008

From the offspring... such a sweetie!

world-class fencer in the making, in her newly-acquired competition gear...

and finally, a batch of cakes made with tangerines from mama-ji's lucky CNY plant... yielded a dozen cupcakes topped with melted white chocolate tinted a pale orange, as well as half a dozen of them in muffin size.

February's coming to an end, it's been a whirlwind since school started.
Yiyi-ji's out of her 5-star stay in the hospital, and boy, that was one long stay. The bug's not quite cleared yet, but she's definitely looking better than she did a couple of weeks ago. Bet mamaji will have her fattened up back to original size ASAP.

As for the babes, well, S is rather disappointed her malay trip's been postponed due to the malaysian elections on 8 March.
Ah well, that's the way things happen sometimes....
Anyway, we're working on revision intensively this week, it's CA week!
Mummyji's gotta be honest, the babes do seem to be putting in more effort this year... so way to go, Babes! Mummy's proud of y'all and love you very much!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY 2008

traditional family picture on CNY Day 1... minus poor yiyi-ji this year, who was quite ill... (she's currently recuperating in the hospital now)... samyi-ji and samyijiong don't normally spend day 1 with the rest of us.

3 pretty maids all in a row

kids sending a hello to their mummy in hospital...

cheeky boy squeezing into picture

Ivan's 5th birthday present

cupcakes for our party!

Ivan's Spidey cake

mummyji's version of Yu sheng, with smoked salmon, rocket leaves

can I cut my cake now??!

birthday boy with the grands

birthday boy with the cousins

And we're set to start school tomorrow, after a long break, sigh...
poor yiyi-ji's still in the hospital, so we continue praying for her speedy recovery..
Lord hear our prayer!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye piggy, hello rat!

The Police concert was great... other than Sting who's looking fit and trim, you'd never think the other 2 could've lasted the concert.......but they did, and with such passion and energy too! Mummyji's really impressed!

and there's a correction to be made to the previous entry, Mr Sting said that it was the first time Police had ever been in Singapore, so that can only mean Mummyji's demented memory's got it wrong- it was Sting 14 years ago.... oops...

Nonetheless, mummyji'll like to state for the record that the four hundred bucks paid for the concert was worth the while. Not only was the band brilliant, it was also for the charity organisation WaterAid...

Lastly, Mummyji'll like to wish one and all A Happy Peaceful and Blessed Lunar New Year, 新年快乐, 年年有余!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Police Concert & halal Bak Kwa

Daddy- and mummyji at the concert

It's been 14 years already since Police performed "live" in Singapore. Back then, Mummyji and Daddyji weren't legally married yet.. ;p
Fast forward, 14 years later, with 2 beautiful babes, we're going to attend Police "live" in Singapore, again!
The concert's tonight.. and Mummyji's counting down to it. The last concert we attended was a couple of years ago, when Sting performed solo.

On a different note, mummyji's found the halal bak kwa she's been pining for! After searching online for some weeks, mummyji finally chanced upon this blog, got the address down and dear Daddyji took Mummyji there yesterday. Bought 3 x 500g packs of the Ayam Madu.
It's called Daging Dendeng Halal Sedap, but it really is a misnomer cos dendeng's quite different in texture and mode of preparation. But it doesn't quite matter to mummyji.... what's important is that it's authentic in taste, and CNY does feel more real with it! The babes love it too!

Have forgotten to take pictures of it in the ecstasy of finally getting to chomp on bak kwa! ;p
The stall is at Teh Tarek Coffeeshop in Haig Road, opposite the Malay Village and next to Darul Arqam. The coffeeshop looks like its got some promising local food too. Shall make it a point to eat there one weekend.

And oh yes, mummyji's really grateful to have found Putri Berendam's blog, hers is one mighty noble quest - the quest for halal food! She deserves a medal for her efforts! All that sacrifices, trying out all the food joints, regardless of taste.

3 cheers for Putri! Hurray, hurray, hurray!