Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's almost a year since we've moved out of our old apartment. Time really flies!
Mummyji was just reminiscing how we'd walk to the market every sunday morning when we were living in the old apartment. After we moved, we'd drive to the same market on sunday mornings too, until the market burned down some months ago.
The vendors were then given a temporary site in the carpark to set up their stalls to continue with their business, but some of them chose not to. And so the marketing experience wasn't quite the same anymore. Mummyji n Daddyji then moved our weekend marketing to the nearby Cold Storage.
This morning, we decided to check out the old market again, having heard that the cooked food vendors have a temporary food centre to house them now. It was a pleasant surprise to meet the fruit stall holders there and it was even more pleasant having them greet us like old friends. They'd been one of those stalls who did not resume their business in the carpark, but the good news is, they'll be back this weekend in this temporary market!
It was indeed a nostalgic trip to the market today. All those familiar faces manning their stalls.... it's just not the same at the supermarket. Granted, you might get the same cashier some days, who'd also recognise your face, but at the market, those familiar faces everywhere are like old friends. Like the young fella who mans the vegetable stall, he is still entertaining folks with his wacky sense of humour...That's hard to come by at the supermarket.
Mummyji's just glad they're back in business!
We'd still need to drop by the supermarket now and then though, cos the babes need their Ben & Jerry fix...

and here's another batch of muffins made with Mamaji's lucky oranges..... today's lot has fresh blueberries added in, another item which is not easily available at the market.

love the light citrusy fragrance, can't wait for breakfast!