Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy like bird

Dear folks,

Mummyji's indeed a happy gal, toying around with the features of this blog.

cheap thrill to some, "now then you know how to do all these ah" to most.... but Mummyji cares not, she is mighty mighty pleased with herself at this very mo!

so pleased she's not even worried about not having gotten any new shoes for CNY, nor that she hasn't bought any mandarin oranges for the 1st day visiting yet. At least she's queued for some new notes for hongbaos!
Now, the old memory's really failing, cos try as she might, mummyji just couldn't remember how much was in the hongbao to the Pa & Mum last year! So how?? Might just have to guess hard, or just call the mama-ji to confirm....

anyways, since mummyji's at it, might as well greet one and all a very happy and blessed lunar new year now.. "Every Year got Fish, Every Age Peaceful"!!

with lots of love to one & all,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


think Mummyji's finally able to show off some pics!
YAY blog!

The Move

Hey folks, guess wat? Mummyji's just made the big discovery that she's able to blog here! Finally!! So she's decided to relocate from the previous site, which did not allow comments, n was driving mummyji bonkers with the failure to upload pics etc...
so here we are, in this new site.. and rather coincidental too, as in a couple o' months' time, the family'll be relocating to a new development in Yishun. The papers've been signed, and the ILs have just begun packing. Yep, we'll all be moving in together, all 3 generations of us.. which is why we need the 4+1 rooms, plus roof terrace n basement..
Mummyji's still taking it pretty easy, though there're tons of stuff to pack over at Seasons Park.
The ol' wardrobe's spilling over already, hehehe, so it's pretty timely too, for a massive spring cleaning.. Mummyji's really excited about getting her very own, long-awaited WALK-IN WARDROBE in the new house!! YAY new house!!

Mummyji's gonna miss good ol' Seasons Park... we've had many memorable parties, BBQs and yummy lunches and dinners there, and the babes got their fins in the lovely resort-like pool.
And Mummyji'll sorely miss the convenience of the market just behind the condo, the chwee kueh stall, the provision shop... We'll definitely need to suss up Yishun to find suitable replacements for these!

On a different track, Mummyji's quite proud of her little achievement in teaching the little nephew, I, to spell her name... and the sweet little fellow was so proud of himself too, holding up the spelling toy in his hand, and proclaiming to his parents, "Look, I can spell Yi-Ma's name.... S----N....
Yi-Ma!" hahahaha

Ok, back to the move... as mummyji was ranting, here's the old blog address link for reference...

adios bloglines!