Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy like bird

Dear folks,

Mummyji's indeed a happy gal, toying around with the features of this blog.

cheap thrill to some, "now then you know how to do all these ah" to most.... but Mummyji cares not, she is mighty mighty pleased with herself at this very mo!

so pleased she's not even worried about not having gotten any new shoes for CNY, nor that she hasn't bought any mandarin oranges for the 1st day visiting yet. At least she's queued for some new notes for hongbaos!
Now, the old memory's really failing, cos try as she might, mummyji just couldn't remember how much was in the hongbao to the Pa & Mum last year! So how?? Might just have to guess hard, or just call the mama-ji to confirm....

anyways, since mummyji's at it, might as well greet one and all a very happy and blessed lunar new year now.. "Every Year got Fish, Every Age Peaceful"!!

with lots of love to one & all,


ElastiWoman said...

We're neighbours now! I'm just a few "blogs" away! Have fun dear sis!

ElastiWoman said...
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