Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bear Necessities

The babes came home from school with letters telling us parents the kids will be dressing up as their favourite storybook characters this Fri, in conjunction with World Reading Day or something like that.
Mummyji: Ok, that's interesting, hmmm... let's see, perhaps dress up as Harry Potter? Z can go as Hermione, since she's got long curls?
S: No, mummy, my class is doing Jungle Book, I have to dress as Baloo...
Mummyji: ??! How in the world is mummy going to dress you up as a bear?? Can't you go as a human, say, Mowgli?
S: Eeeks, Mowgli only wears a red underwear!! How can I go to school in only a red underwear?!
Mummyji: Hmmm, that's true.. then how about the indian girl Mowgli met at the river?
S: No, Mummy, I have to go as Baloo! Or Bagheera the panther..
And so, for a long time Mummyji was contemplating how in the world she's gonna dress the daughter up as a cartoon bear. Wednesday evening saw Mummyji scrutinising our well-thumbed Disney picture-book version of The Jungle Book, then drawing and painting a Baloo face mask.
Thursday evening Mummyji dashed to Gio Kids, and got S an oversized grey cardigan.

And this is the babe before school today:

Ok, so the colour doesn't really match here, but in our book, Baloo's greyish!

Thank God Z searched through our little house and found Ramona's World.

She declared, "I shall go as Ramona!"

And Mummyji only had to dash to Fox to get a striped tee, which the babe didn't have in her massive collection of clothes.

Z, before school today, as Ramona Quimby, fourth grader:

The traffic outside the school this morning was phenomenal, not that there's usually no jam, but this morn it was a JAM. It was a rather unusual traffic jam though, with every other car spewing out a fairy, or a pirate, or a Snow White. Mummyji herself proudly unloaded a Baloo and a Ramona, and was wishing there wasn't a need to go to work today, so that she could have stayed to watch the kids all dressed up. Wishful thinking... sigh.
Well, that's the Bear Necessities of mummyhood...
Wishing everyone a great reading day!

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