Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Goodbye piggy, hello rat!

The Police concert was great... other than Sting who's looking fit and trim, you'd never think the other 2 could've lasted the concert.......but they did, and with such passion and energy too! Mummyji's really impressed!

and there's a correction to be made to the previous entry, Mr Sting said that it was the first time Police had ever been in Singapore, so that can only mean Mummyji's demented memory's got it wrong- it was Sting 14 years ago.... oops...

Nonetheless, mummyji'll like to state for the record that the four hundred bucks paid for the concert was worth the while. Not only was the band brilliant, it was also for the charity organisation WaterAid...

Lastly, Mummyji'll like to wish one and all A Happy Peaceful and Blessed Lunar New Year, 新年快乐, 年年有余!

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