Monday, February 25, 2008

From the offspring... such a sweetie!

world-class fencer in the making, in her newly-acquired competition gear...

and finally, a batch of cakes made with tangerines from mama-ji's lucky CNY plant... yielded a dozen cupcakes topped with melted white chocolate tinted a pale orange, as well as half a dozen of them in muffin size.

February's coming to an end, it's been a whirlwind since school started.
Yiyi-ji's out of her 5-star stay in the hospital, and boy, that was one long stay. The bug's not quite cleared yet, but she's definitely looking better than she did a couple of weeks ago. Bet mamaji will have her fattened up back to original size ASAP.

As for the babes, well, S is rather disappointed her malay trip's been postponed due to the malaysian elections on 8 March.
Ah well, that's the way things happen sometimes....
Anyway, we're working on revision intensively this week, it's CA week!
Mummyji's gotta be honest, the babes do seem to be putting in more effort this year... so way to go, Babes! Mummy's proud of y'all and love you very much!

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