Thursday, September 6, 2007

teachers' day

"Mummy, can you teach me to bake muffins for my teachers?" asked the first-born, S.
And so it was, that we baked some chocolate muffins last Thursday, for the school's teachers' day celebration the next day.
The baked muffins were cooled overnight and in the early hours of the next morning, before Mummyji(the inhouse barrista) made the breakfast cafe espresso, the muffins were stuffed delicately into pretty little cellophane bags with strawberry motifs (acquired from Daiso, the incredible store stocked with a fascinating array of merchandise, all priced at SGD2!).
Z claimed 2 packs for her teachers, while S brought 3... word has it that one of the teachers squealed with delight upon receiving her goodie pack and devoured the muffin soon enough.

Mummyji thought it befitting to send an sms to her old teacher, Sr P, to wish her a Happy Teachers' Day as well. A couple of weeks ago, Mummyji had brought a couple of blueberry muffins to Sr P's residence, but alas, did not get to meet her as she was attending mass. But Sr P had called Mummyji later on to tell her how much she enjoyed the muffins... ;p
and so mummyji sent her an sms, thanking God for having been blessed with Sr P as a teacher.. to which Sr P replied, "Believe me, it was a pleasure teaching u.." and Mummyji is so touched....

We've got our new maid for a week already, and so far, so good...
there was a weekend when we were maidless, and everybody chipped in to keep the house as clean as we could.. here’s evidence of Z cleaning up after dinner!

Mummyji tried out a minimal fuss dessert over the maid-less weekend. It’s a chocolate pudding of sorts, made with lavender-infused milk, dark chocolate of 70% cocoa, a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and a sprinkle of Red Man’s halal gelatin powder.
This thick fragrant mix was poured into glasses in which a dollop of blueberry preserves had been added and chilled for some hours.
Just before serving, mummyji had broken up a tube of dark Toblerone and topped each glass with a piece. Yums!
Mummyji's thinking of adding in sweet pineapple chunkss, or mandarin orange pieces the next time...stay tuned!

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