Monday, September 24, 2007

too sweet cake

This is the cake which mummyji baked on sunday. It looks vaguely like a wedding cake, no? Mummyji's been telling everyone she's practising for the babes' wedding.. much to their chagrin, squealing, "What?! Mummy, we're not getting married now, we're still kids!" Hahaha, ok, ok, Mummyji's simply practising to bake both of them their birthday cakes.
Mummyji bought this heart-shaped pan last month to bake special cakes for the special ones in her life, so the babes' birthday cakes had to be heart-shaped, no?
And since both of them are in their anti-pink, eew-so-girly phase, the frosting could never be pink, much as mummyji wanted it. It wouldn't really do to have a blue heart, so mummyji decided on a white background with blue trimmings.
The cake was baked using a sponge recipe, with cocoa paste added. The middle sank somewhat, and mummyji sliced the cake into 2 layers and sandwiched them with melted chocolate/butter/whipped cream. The rest of the whipped cream with icing sugar went to coating the exterior. Then Mummyji whipped up some buttercream icing tinted it blue, then piped it along the bottom edge and top outline as trimmings. The result? An almost-wedding cake! Quite messy cos it was actually melting..
and quite disappointing too, cos all that icing it was engulfed in made the cake really really hyperglycemic sweet.
Lesson learnt? Mummyji shall coat the birthday cake with chocolate ganache, and possibly decorate with white chocolate trimmings. No point making a fanciful-looking one with all those super-sweet icing which we all scraped off before eating the cake.
But, mummyji has to say, it is rather pretty to look at, isn't it?

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