Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deepa-Raya in CHIJ

Mummyji offered to bake choc chip cookies for the babes' Deepa-Raya food sale in school on Monday.

Z hard at work, getting even mounds of dough onto baking sheet.
We baked a batch on Saturday morning, after which mummyji packed them in 3's into fold-top Glad polythene sandwich bags. Intended Selling Price= $1/pack.
There were 22 packs, not enough for both babes. (We might have had more packs if S didn't keep munching)

S, the cookie monster!
Anyways, Mummyji then baked another batch the next afternoon.
The 1st batch of cookies was chewy, and the 2nd really crunchy, even though Mummyji followed the exact recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking. Oven temperature was kept constant at 180 to 190 deg C, that's for sure, as Mummyji's now got an oven thermometer.
Perhaps it's the creaming of the butter? Mummyji's observed that the 1st batch's butter was creamed to a runny consistency while the 2nd's was thicker.... We'll just have to bake another batch to find out!

All packed and ready to go!

Z waiting at our stall for the girls to come down to the canteen for their recess...Check out her home-made sign!

She decided to lower our price of $1/pack of 3 large cookies to 80cents, cos one girl came along and exclaimed, "One dollar?? I have only $1.50..." and walked away despondently. After we'd slashed our price, and after several packs had been sold, the very same girl came back and happily bought 1 pack. She even asked Mummyji, "is the price lowered so more people can buy?" Hmmm....

And here's a pic of the refreshingly light and incredibly fragrant orange-cranberry muffins Mummyji baked for breks. Mummyji decided to bake these since we had some lovely oranges and it's been a while since we've had orange-cranberry cake. Daddyji's off to Paris for his business already, and so muffins would be the easiest breks since Mummyji's preparing it alone. (Usually mummyji'll do the espresso for us n milo-cinno for the babes, while daddyji did the toast and such.)

Finally, here's a beautiful sign from the Almighty...

Rainbow over Shaughnessy..

It's been quite a tiring week, with many things on Mummyji's mind... and so, this was like an affirmation that He makes all things beautiful, in His time... like a rainbow after the rain..
Incidentally, Mummyji proudly showed this scenic picture to the family & friends, and all would go, "Wow, rainbow..."
but not the nephew, Ivan...Mummyji showed him the pic, and he stared and squinted at it in mummyji's k800i for a hard and long minute, then proudly answered, "Your house!"
hahahaha, funny little boy..


Khairil said...

that's a mighty nice rainbow! over a mighty home. Am sure the photo was taken by a mighty nice woman

mummyji said...

;-) the rainbow was a mighty sight indeed...