Tuesday, November 20, 2007

reflections on a tuesday morn, before the madness begins

Click on the above link, read the story of the Two Wolves.
Stories like these feed the soul... at least it does Mummyji's.
It takes an immense deal of patience and discipline though, to ignore bad wolf and feed only good wolf... Bad wolf bugs, tugs and gnaws at one's heart and disrupts one's inner peace when there are inconsiderate and assinine people around. Ask Mummyji, she knows only too well. The world has too many of these - Evil people with no consideration or respect for others, who takes others for granted and destroys their peace, who oversteps boundaries because their eyes are only too full of their selfish selves....

But Mummyji shall persevere, good wolf will prevail within Mummyji, insya'allah.

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