Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate chip muffins
A batch of muffins for tomorrow's breks - quite different from the usual choc muffins mummyji's used to whipping up. These had cocoa powder mixed into the batter, instead of melted chocolate, and then had chocolate chips sprinkled in the middle of the mixture inside the paper cases.
A closer view of the aromatic brown beauties...
Mache Salad with Emmenthal Cheese shavings and Beef Stew
Tonight's dinner, which mummyji whipped up single-handedly, cos the resident chef (aka Daddyji) is trying to finish up his MBA paper.
Beef stew, pomegranate seeds, Multi-grains and store-bought foccacia bread.

CZ 6 and 7
Erm, this isn't dinner. It's our little science observation project. We got these 2 baby butterflies from Mamaji's plant, and mummyji decided to keep them in a container, to let the babes observe the whole metamorphosis process, which is part of their science syllabus.

So the nutty Z decided to name these very hungry caterpillars, CZ 6 and 7... please do not ask yours truly to differentiate which is which. It's difficult enough for mummyji to tell Daddyji's twin nieces apart, let alone these wriggly creatures!
Anyway, CZ 6 and 7 will turn into fatty bugs in no time at all, for they'd devoured 2 leaves between them in a day, and look at how much poop they've passed! It just goes to show that the books are right, a fibre-rich diet will surely get your bowels going....
well, that's all for the week, Mummyji's gonna conk out soon, while the other half is still at his homework. Sorry, luv, this woman needs her sleep...

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