Thursday, April 3, 2008

Most hated fruit

There is a stink in the house.
The sickening stench permeates every corner, in particular the dining area where the source, an ugly brown mishapened lump AKA the jackfruit, is perched quite smugly in the fruit basket, as if in mockery of this ONE person who hates it. (Well, not exactly one, since the last check revealed the babes to find it obnoxious too.)

Mummyji hates jackfruits. Have always and still do.

And the ILs apparently adore it, so much that there seems to be one of these putrid-smelling thing in the house every other week.

C’est unbelievable, non?

Found this on wikipedia:

One of the earliest descriptions of the jackfruit is to be found in the 16th century memoirs of the Mughal Emperor Babar, who was not much enamored of it:
"The jackfruit is ugly and to some people is bad tasting. It looks exactly like sheep intestines turned inside out like stuffed tripe. It has a cloyingly sweet taste. Inside it has seeds like hazelnuts that mostly resemble dates, but these seeds are round, not long. The flesh of these seeds, which is what is eaten, is softer than dates. It is sticky, and for that reason some people grease their hands and mouths before eating it. The fruit is said to grow on the branches, the trunk, and the roots of the tree and looks like stuffed tripe hung all over the tree".

Mummyji can only say, Way to go, Babar!!

More from wikipedia:

The jackfruit is something of an acquired taste, but it is very popular in many parts of the world. An unopened ripe fruit can have a unpleasant smell, like ROTTING ONIONS. The light brown to black seeds with white innards are indeed about the size of dates. People often oil their hands with coconut oil, kerosene, or paraffin before preparing jackfruit, as the rest of the fruit is a loose white mass that bleeds a milky, sticky sap often used as glue.

Goodness gracious, it bleeds glue too?! Wonder what that does to the intestines… or even worse, how about the remains that come out of the other end… will that clog up the sewers as well?? WTF?!

Eeeuwh! Can’t wait to have the offending lump quickly consumed by the rest ASAP… in the meantime, Mummyji’ll just have to bear with it, and light lavender candles… sigh…

It’s already April, and it’s Yiyi-ji’s birthday! Happy 38th , dear sis!! (She is a jackfruit hater too, all of mummyji’s clan is, thank Heavens!)

There were quite some pictures taken in March, Mummyji and the babes were pretty busy grooming their room but Mummyji’s been too tied up with other stuff since and haven’t updated this blog for a while.

Perhaps later tonight, if the pong doesn’t give Mummyji a headache first…
Till then, shall have to appreciate the good clean air around before reaching home to the nasty “poison gas” at home…

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