Thursday, November 20, 2008

about the babes

mummyji's just realised she's forgotten to upload the babes' birthday cake! 
It was a "Black Magic" cake recipe with 2 layers, frosted with white chocolate cream.
We had a bbq party, invited the whole clan, and everyone turned up. This is really a belated entry, the party was last month, on Z's birthday.

Well, today we got S's results, 2 As and 2 Bs, eligible for express stream. She was disappointed with the score, cried a bit so mummyji's not gonna rub it in.
Told her it's a wake-up call, that she's gotta put in more effort if she wants better results. 
And it's also a reminder to the younger sis, Z, that she too gotta put in a lot more effort next year. 
Mummyji often wonders if she's too soft with the offsprings... are they too pampered?
Sigh, tis not easy being a parent...

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