Tuesday, November 11, 2008

retail therapy

such a cool pair of gloves,right?
saw it at Promod's yesterday, and was about to plonk it on the counter for checkout with the dress and tops, when mummyji saw the label inside, proclaiming it's 100% pigskin..... :-(
so it was plopped back into its display hook.
Now however, looking at the website, the information given is 100% goatskin!
so, was it Mummyji's poor eyesight? or a mis-labelling??
Hmmm........ not so good, eh....
well, anyway, mummyji doesn't really need another pair of gloves... not for just 5 days in Tokyo.. there's always the pair worn last year in Paris.
And of course, there's also the pair of long ivory gloves worn at the company event, the pair that mummyji looked high and low for, and found in friendly neighbourhood Thomson Plaza..... ;-p

so anyway, this is about mummyji's latest shopping binges.. there's something about year-end, when every other store seems to have at least something that's twinkling and trying to catch mummyji's eyes... hmmm.....

New shoes
Ahem, so yours truly went on a spree and gota few pairs of shoes last couple of months.... 

of which, this must surely be the favourite..

then last week, another pair..... this brand claims to "respire"...
 Very comfy, great for walking and driving, and importantly, matches any colour of bag!

better stop before we need to construct another storage cabinet for mummyji's shoes... =>

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