Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Daddyji's flown off to exotic Marrakech, Morrocco for his annual company meet, and then to Paris later in the week. The fella's already gone shopping in Marrakech n bought us a tagine, just as Mummyji had envisioned him doing so, the foodie that he is. Now the question is, how in the world is he gonna cart the fragile piece of pottery home safely? According to the ingenious spouse, that's not a problem, he'll just have to buy a couple of rugs or carpets n roll the tagine in between!
Sigh, Mummyji wished she could have gone too, but...
well, it's exam season, (for the babes, not Mummyji) and we've just moved, so there's plenty to do!
Mummyji's finally unpacked all her boxes, the last of which was her treasured shoes. And guess what? they fit the shoe cabinet in the basement! And yes, there's sufficient space in there for the rest of the family too, ok.
On Sunday, before Daddyji flew off, Mummyji was warmly touched when the firstborn S, smiling very sweetly, whispered in her ears,"thank you, Mummy, for making my dream come true."
"hmmm, you'r most welcome, but what dream was that?" clueless Mummyji asked.
"the dream to live in Shaughnessy!" with a big wide grin.
Aw, how sweet...
then as she bid adieu to her beloved father, she revealed another dream.
To visit Paris before she turns 12.... which leaves us with a little over 12 months!
hmmm, better start saving now then!

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