Tuesday, April 17, 2007

separation anxiety

mummyji is a sentimental old ninny.
Went back to Seasons Park today to retrieve our stash of cheese, butter n such, as well as a whole basket of snacks, our knives, bread board etc..
looking around in the old apartment in which we have lived a decade, where our babes spent their formative years, the babes' room where mummyji n daddyji spent many backbreaking hours decorating, the tiny dining area where we held many feasting sessions, the compact kitchen where many a meal was cooked, Mummyji couldn't resist shedding some tears.
It is exciting to go home to our new place.... Mummyji loves her new bedroom - boudoir l'amour, she's dubbed it. And the babes love their spanking new room, which is twice the size of their old one.
But still, the sadness that overcame Mummyji back at the old apartment lingered. Mummyji feels as if we've left behind a family member.
Silly it may sound, but mummyji just couldn't bear closing the door behind her just now.
There are still stuff to be transferred back to our new home and we'll also have to clean up the old apartment, spruce it up before putting it up for rental, so Mummyji'll definitely have to return to SP.
Hopefully, by the time we hand over to whoever rents our apartment, Mummyji'll have gotten over the mushy stage.

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