Sunday, April 1, 2007


Last Thursday saw Mummyji n Daddyji taking leave to be with the babes on their Sports Day... not that the babes were participating in any events, but Daddyji had signed up to be part of the Daddy-daughter Race, or otherwise dubbed as DD Race.
Mummyji had wanted to take part in the MD race too, but according to S, that was over-enrolled, and so Mummyji was relegated to taking photos of Daddyji n Z. Got a small video on the hp of the 2 of them in their "telematch", so amusing.
Listening to the HOD English speak, Mummyji was reminded of her primary school days, where the good ol' teachers of yore made sure the girls spoke the way they did, in grammatically correct sentences.
Well then, who'd have thought that later at lunch Mummyji would receive a call on the mobile from her old primary school teacher, Sr P? Unbelievable. As it turned out, Sr P had met Mama n Gonggongji at a funeral and she'd gotten Mummyji's contact numbers from them. It's incredible that after almost 30 years, Sr P still remembers Mummyji! Mummyji is rightfully humbled and touched, and grateful to the Almighty that she was educated by Sr P in her formative years. To this date, the Maths formulae Sr P'd taught our class is firmly engraved in Mummyji's head, and she's been trying to impart the same to the babes, who unfortunately, do not seem to care very much for it.
Anyway, Mummyji'll be popping by to visit Sr P soon, probably bake her some bread?
The past week or two had been busy and there were some meetings with the interior designer and hunting around for suitable furnishings and accessories for the new home. Man, speaking with the designer guy is really exhausting. And so is choosing curtains and wall colours, as well as furnishings colour. It took Mummyji n Daddyji quite a while to realise that "pelmet" referred to the box that hides curtain tracks. Hmmm, well, we scrapped that from our list of stuff to be installed!
Today, Mummyji, the babes n the ILs are gonna be lights-hunting...
sigh, Mummyji'll be most glad when we finally move in to our new house!

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